Why attend?

The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of a technology-driven revolution that promises to change the landscape of the industry. Enhanced automation capabilities, smarter analytics, and the wealth of data from IoT technology combine to produce a step change in competitiveness. From reduced costs, to enhanced productivity, to better and more agile customer service, Industry 4.0 will be the deciding factor in the leading manufacturers of tomorrow.

Why attend | Industry 4.0 Exchange

With an exceedingly skilled workforce and with greater digital capabilities, the UK stands to dominate this new landscape. However, blazing a trail requires leadership and direction.

Industry 4.0 Exchange brings together digital manufacturing leaders from across the industry to discuss these new technologies, as well as how best they can be adopted and how benefits can be maximised. Whether you’re preparing your processes for digitalisation, or struggling to connect a range of systems, Industry 4.0 Exchange allows you to explore the possibilities. Hear from your peers in the industry and share your own experiences. Have the conversations that matter most to you.

  • Discover the latest generation of digital technologies and their applications in manufacturing
  • Hear from your industry peers how they’re achieving step changes in productivity
  • Explore the business cases for Industry 4.0
  • Find out how to prepare your legacy systems for Industry 4.0 adoption
  • Discover best practice for successful and sustainable implementation
  • Learn how to connect disparate systems and break down functional siloes
  • Explore digital culture and driving organisational change
  • Learn how to measure and maximise ROI

Unique Conference Format

Industry 4.0 Exchange offers a format that sits delegates alongside experienced discussion leaders to enable you to have the conversations that matter most.

“The energy in the room was fantastic!”

– Alec Anderson, Koolmill Systems

“The involvement of delegates has worked very well. The discussion tables have given a chance for everyone to be more involved, as opposed to a conventional conference where one person is lecturing and a lot of people are just listening.”

– Hassan Khalid, Data Scientist, GSK

“I found the format excellent!”

– Marco Del Seta, BOC

“Excellent opportunity to discuss key issues with peers in the industry.”

– Andrew Carr, BAE Systems

It is a format that our delegates love – click the video to see what participants thought at one of our conferences: